The city of BerlinĀ is best recognized for its extreme contrasts.
The past and present coexist as modern and historical structures stand side by side. From the Brandenburg Gate to the Chancellor’s Office, Berlin’s attractions are witnesses to the history of a whole country. The historical Reichstag building, which houses the German parliament, is one of the principal government buildings in Germany.
Berlin is a city of art, musicians, and galleries. In fact, there are more than 170 museums here that exhibit priceless artifacts from all around the world, some of which may be seen on the renowned Museum Island. Thanks to its renowned orchestras, including the internationally renowned Berlin Philharmonic, and the city’s three enormous opera theaters, where great operas and ballets are staged, Berlin is a favorite destination for classical music aficionados from all over the world. In order to ensure that there is entertainment for everyone, there are countless theater places that specialize in variety acts, revue, cabaret, and more.
When it comes to music, art, and everyday life in general, Berlin is a trend-setting city. Berlin is one of the most exciting locations in all of Europe as more and more artists from all over the world converge there to be inspired by the city’s boundless creative energies.